FHA/HUD loans

I was asked about inspecting how a double wide is attached to its foundation for a FHA loan. I guess they don’t loan on non-permanent structures? There is only a pier footer type foundation and a skirt around the double wide. Any experience with this?

What they want is a foundation certification for a mobile home. Engineering services provide these and sometimes use home inspectors for the field work.

Thank you Brad

a line or block of text appearing at the foot of each page of a book or document.

In construction, it’s called a “footing”. Words mean things.

Just piers? No anchors?

Any idea what is involved in the field work?

Check out this link:
Home Inspectors - Hayman Engineering

Dig and pour a footer. House sits on the footing. Best compromise I have found.
Around here, you ask 100 people what the house sits on, and they will call it a footer.

Doesn’t matter how many people call it a “footer” it’s still incorrect. Educate them, that’s our job.

I goes right by me. People, including professionals have been calling these footers forever. Right along with “hot” water heaters.

Google is your friend!

Search “Hud” & “Permanent foundation” and all your answers will appear! If they don’t then try variations of those words. :wink: