FHA inspection

Agent asked if there is anything Specific that FHA will look for on the inspection?

And what did you tell the Agent?

The agent needs to ask the FHA lender that question.

Nothing yet

It really depends on who reviews the inspection for the FHA Loan.

Some main things that FHA/HUD look for
Safety Issues
Negative grading impact to the structure.

Yes, everything in specific!


Most of my inspections are for HUD/ FHA and its not much different than a home inspection. I don’t walk roofs or climb in attics or crawl spaces for FHA.

Your looking for health and safety items mostly.


  1. Home has areas of peeling paint. Because the home was built in 1947 there may be the presence of lead in the paint. Suggest lead testing by a certified lead testing company.

  2. There are cracks in the laminate counters in the kitchen. Cracks can harbor or allow the growth of harmful bacteria. Recommend new countertops be installed.

A separate page of that or clearly call it out in your report is what FHA wants.

Like I said…


FHA/VA loans require a WDI report. Some inspectors provide these services (some free of charge), while others farm them out because of licensing requirements, depending on the state you live in. Make sure your advertising makes it clear which applies to you.

in our area the FHA/VA/USDA appraisers look for
1 smoke alarms/ CO detectors
3 Peeling paint
4 Cracked brick or concrete
5 Some verify the attic has insulation
6 A fast get away

Not All FHA / VA Appraisers do what they are supposed to.

As a FHA Compliance Inspector, FHA - 203k Inspector, and past Appraiser … See the 2 attached lists I provide