FHA Inspections

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I have a question in reference to the above, To perform the FHA inspections do you need a special form from HUD or would it be more like our regular inspection reports? If so where can I get this form?

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To do FHA inspections you have to be approved through FHA and use thier forms.


If that’s true show me this “form” and a list of “approved” FHA inspectors.

Get all the info here Use this form

I’m on one of those list, thanks to a little help from you. :wink:

But to perform a home inspection for someone getting an FHA or VA loan you do not have to be approved or certified by anyone.

Not that I know of. FHA and VA have separate appraisers do the appraisals.

To do a FHA inspection for a bank or mortgage company on new construction you have to be an approved FHA inspector.


Got a list where can find these approved inspectors?

So how many inspections has anyone done as a result of being on the “list”? Just curious.

Chris and Linas, have you guys taken the exam already?

Same link you posted and the same list you are on https://entp.hud.gov/idapp/html/insplook.cfm?in_fha=No


Wrong… FHA does not require anyone to be certified, tested, listed or anything else UNLESS you are working on a 203K rehabilitation loan. FHA does not require a home inspection, although they recommend one.

With new construction, the appraiser determines if the construction is completed or not. If it is not completed per the appraiser, the home must have a “final inspection” performed. That is usually the AHJ that issues the CO. If a “home inspector” or fee inspector files the final inspection, it must be done on HUD form 92051. I sure would not issue a “final inspection” as long as there is an AHJ that issues a CO. What would happen if a “home inspector” final inspection was performed and the AHJ did not issue a CO? Who is responsible? It sure won’t be me for a 300-500 dollars.

In your world things may be different. To complete a CIR you have to be an approved FHA inspector. What part of that do you not understand??


If the property is under construction and NOT 100% complete at time of appraisal:

[li]The appraiser must have a complete set of the plans and specifications and the Builder Certification in order to do the appraisal (as described in Section C).[/li][li][FONT=Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=2]The appraiser will perform the appraisal and call for a final inspection to be completed by a FHA Fee Inspector; or, when applicable, the local authority or equivalent. The appraiser will make the following statement on the appraisal report: “Property under construction; complete according to submitted construction exhibits.” [/li][li]When the final inspection is completed by a fee inspector, the inspection will include photographs as noted in Item 1 above along with a statement on the HUD-92051 as follows: “This is a newly completed dwelling that was not completed under HUD or VA inspections. The dwelling appears to be in conformance with the submitted construction exhibits.” Please see: HUD Handbook 4145.1 Chapter 6-3.[/li][/ul]Chuck

Once again, why would a home inspector take the responsibility and liability of a “final inspection” where there is an AHJ responsible for that? And again, what happens if the AHJ says that no CO will be issued due to some unforeseen issue?

We are performing a home inspection, not an inspection for building completion purposes. Well beyond our SOP.

When you read “fee inspector” they are not talking about a HOme Inspector. They are talking about some one that does building code inspections in lue of the building dept. as excepted in some jurisdictions.


This inspection is not within the realms of any SOP other than that of the requirements of HUD/FHA when it pertains to 203/k or other rehabilitation inspections.

Paul, My point exactly. Read the original question in post 1. He asked about special requirements for performing FHA inspections. He did not mention the 203k program, I did. As I stated before, for the average Joe buying a home with a FHA loan, there is no special list or form a home inspector must fill out, there is no requirement to be approved by FHA or HUD.

Under certain circumstances other than a 203K there are requirements to be an approved FHA fee inspector and on the FHA fee inspector roster.


And the fine for not following those rules runs in the lines of $10,000.00. So if you are not on the “approved list” I suggest you don’t do them.