FHA re-inspections

I was advised by one of my realtors I recently did a Home Inspection for that FHA is now requiring sellers to address/fix any issues found in our reports (which are now required to be sent to FHA).

This is good for us as for increased income…(reinspections)however, it does open a can of worms for the sellers. What happened to “as is” with right to inspect?

Has anybody run across this?

I have not heard of this, but if it’s true, it’s about damned time. It is sickening to see some of the crap that is on the market, being peddled to innocent people, especially first time homebuyers. As far as I am concerned, “as-is” should have never been allowed, except in maybe some extreme cases, where the house has lost it’s CO, and needs to be salvaged. To hell with the sellers, they created the crap house conditions by not maintaining it, they can now deal with it.

Come on tell us how you really feel.

Just had one last week where the exact same thing happened. The bank had to fix everything that was wrong.

The “As Is” condition will always have a place ---- In Real Estate as in everything else…People are WILLING to buy anything for the right price.

Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware ----- It is a shame that this warning is always in Latin - Makes you wonder how sincere the seller is being in giving FAIR warning. lol