Fiberglass Deck

Looking for links with regard to the installation of a fiberglass gel coat finish on an exterior deck.


Here you go Joe. I have this on a large deck in Santa Barbara. This particular brand has a fiberglass base layer, and two top coats. It is over a plywood deck that had joints and edges flashed. Top coat comes in a variety of colors and usually lasts 8 years± or so before another finish coat needs applying. We have had it for 18 years with only one additional finish coat applied although it is time for another. Easy application and a good wear although with morning fog or evening dew it can get wet pretty quick.

Hi. Joe;

Don’t know if this is what you are looking for or not.

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Thanks for the links.

What I am looking for is additional links with regard to installation guidelines / recommendations / material specifications.

Appreciate the help.

It would help if you were more explicit on what you are looking for.

Fiberglass Gels covers a lot of Territory, and makes a difference on the above requested.

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