Fiberglass vs Cellulose

Any insulation that allows air to blow through it is worthless.

Seal the attic and use spray foam.

Nuff said!

I have sold the TAP Insulation for another Pest Control employer a few years ago…
Where applicable, it was sold as a “cap layer” over existing fiberglass to provide additional insulation quality as well as the combined benefit for pest control…
your market may vary…

Spray foam is already a sealer, no reason to seal and spray…unless the installer just wants to increase the cost.

This has already been covered. Spray foam is not a good retrofit product for walls, so it is not an end all. For new construction ICF is a way better product and about the same cost. Add to that I Form, which is also a way better product at approx the same cost. If we are talking just attic, then yeah spray foam is the best product.


Wet-Sprayed Cellulose Insulation in Wood-Frame Construction
no big surprise

Thanks for sharing this article, very good reading. I would just like to add that the cellulose insulations available these days have lower flame-spread ratings than fiberglass insulation. To illustrate: Fire Testing Insulation Materials

Please note that the test shown in this video is just for illustration purposes only and is not a standard test like the “CAN/ULC-S102, Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials and Assemblies”.

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