fibrous trim

How many inspectors call out the bottoms of this miratec and hardi trim for not being sealed properly.


I do, and it is a generalized statement on my report.

It’s elevated off the surface. What’s the problem? Do you check all wood trim likewise?

The installation instructions require prime, paint or caulk. I’m seeing alot of 8-15 year old trim that was not sealed per instructions and are now paying the price.


Jeez…You broke that mirror off your vehicle to look at that!!! WOW!!

When I replaced grampas side mirror I got one of my most valuable inspection tools.

I thought that was hardieplank cement fiber trim.

Even so, if someone wants to buy a cardboard house, that type of damage is a given sooner or later. I look for decay (and usually find lots of it) and I put in a big disclaimer about the need for diligence in maintenance of it. But no, I don’t whip out my mirror looking at the bottom of trim.

“This type of siding is highly susceptible to moisture damage and we recommend vigilance in maintaining both paint and caulk. Specifically, make sure that end and butt-joints are sealed and painted thoroughly, and that the bottom edges of the siding and trim are covered with paint to prevent deterioration.”

I don’t know about Miratec but I don’t think Hardi is bothered by water at all is it?
Is the picture posted by Mark Thorman Miratec?](

Hardiplank is cement fiber, but it is mixed with wood products and their instructions essentially say that the product is not to be in contact with other surfaces. I’ve never seen any ‘decay’ on Hardiplank.

Miratec has been the trim of choice here and it works well with hardiplank. They require all cut ends be sealed.