Fiction anyone?

In a world of rapidly evolving spatial media, I don’t know how many of us there are left that still enjoy a good book. For those of you who do, I’ve written a novel called The Appearance of Things, about working class folk who are struggling to survive, but who affirm what it means to be human. I think you’ll enjoy it, and I certainly hope you do. If anyone’s interested, go to:

I had the Only ( I think copy in Canada ) My wife grabbed it and finished it on Tuesday she said great book now it is my turn.
I expect all who get a copy will be as pleased as Char was.
Grab it, great present for your partner .
Roy Cooke

You’re funny Roy.

I dont read anyting until Oprah says she likes it. :|__)

Roy, thanks so much. You indeed had the first copy, and it gave me great pleasure to give it to you.

Peter, she likes it she likes it! (In my dreams).

Definitely no offense Keith. I’m sure it’s wonderful and please send me a complimentary copy, yes I’m begging.

It’s just that when I do something I’m asking for handouts from the membership, and Roy jumps on me. Everyone else is covered in gold.

So it goes. :slight_smile:

Anyway, no matter what, I’ll buy a copy of your new book. :slight_smile:

So sorry the truth bothers you Wendy .
The old story if you can not stand the heat stay out of the Kitchen.

When You complain about me its ok .
When I say some thing about you its Jumping on you.

Wendy, no offense taken, and wish you well.

Honey, just because you say it da truth…don’t make it da truth.:mrgreen:

Gee coming from you thats great information .
a truer word has not been spoken.