Field Controls MG1 Draft Controls

Hi all,
I have an oil fired forced air furnace. I had to have the flue vent redone with new piping and they installed a Field controls MG1 Flue draft. My question is whether it is normal for the damper on that vent to shoot open when the furnace turns on. What I mean is the bottom of the damper shoots outwards and with it soot comes out and then within a second or two the damper swings back the other way and goes in now. That is normal i would assume, but I can’t be having soot shoot out everytime the furnace ignites. My burner motor just went bad about a week ago, the motor would sieze up and not start. With the burner motor being replaced I had a cleaning done. I believe the new motor must be pumping in more air upon start up, but is there a way to control that so it does not blow soot up the stack before the furnace is ignited. Or can I put a barrier up on the bottom of the damper hole to stop it from moving out on start up.

You should have the tech come back and fix it. Sounds like a delayed start, which would explain the puff at startup. I know from experience that a small adjustment of the electrode / nozzle settings can make a big difference at startup.
Don’t let him leave until it is correct. Also make sure the damper is adjusted properly. It is all about the draft…


Thanks Anatol. If you search my name you will see i was on this board back in March/April about a delayed ignition. They said it was a weak transformer and replaced it. My stack literally blew up and that is why it had to be replaced. I was looking up the draft online and saw that the draft control should be perfectly level and balanced. Unfortunately the contractor that installed it only pushed it into the pipe and is not screwed in place. that would mean to me that it could move, but I don’t want to screw it in the wrong position. I’ll have to call them back to make sure it is level and tighen it in place. I’ll also contact the guys who did the cleaning and have them check the gap settings, but if I stand by the furnace it sounds like it starts immediately and quietly.