Field Inspector position with SkyeTec in Naples, FL

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SkyeTec, a national leader in the Commercial and Residential Inspection Services industry, is currently seeking driven, confident, and hardworking team members to fill the position of Field Inspector.

As part of SkyeTec’s investment in new team members, SkyeTec will train and equip you with the knowledge and skills that will allow you to accurately run specialized energy efficiency testing on homes, as well as perform quality assurance inspections for new construction homes, which ensure that builder quality is maintained. This training consists of both in-classroom and in-field, hands on training. The focus of the training includes terminology review, visual identification practices, and the proper use of diagnostic tools (and more!). Upon successful completion of the 2 week training and examination, you will be trained to use the Blower Door and Duct Blaster Equipment, as well as the Infrared Camera.

We offer the opportunity for the continued advancement of knowledge base through on the job training and additional certifications.

Prospective applicants must be able to communicate effectively and work in a team as well as independently. We need a self-motivated individual with critical thinking ability.

Current driver’s license; clean driving record
Background in construction or surveying or related experience is not required but a plus!
Ability to describe observations made at a job site
Computer skills, including typing and browsing
Applicants must be able to travel
Work Monday through Friday with Saturday being an option
Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
Above average writing ability and above average communication skills
High School Diploma or equivalent is required
Other information: We offer an opportunity for advancing knowledge base through on the job training and possible certifications.

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