Field Insurance reporting

has anyone done any “field insurance reporting”? i know people talk about companies that do draw & insurance inspections, per se. What about this? I’m looking at the company “Advanced Field Services” & wondering if I should bother? I’ve got 1 PM about this company (thanks!!) and just wondering if anyone else has had experience with this company…or this specific type of reporting?!? I do appreciate any feedback. Thanks!!!

Try Safeguard Properties. 1-800-852-8306

have you done work with this Safeguard company?

Yes. $20 per insp. Higher if you do a rush insp. They pay you every 14-30 days. Mostly 30. The Insp. only takes at most 15 minutes. You have to set your own appts, unless it’s a pre-set. I mostly reset preset appts. Good luck in your search. They are located in Brooklyn Heights, Ohio.