Field Sheets

Im looking for a GOOD field sheet to use, I dont like the one that Im using, Im thinking about making one for my own use, but if ther eis already one out there, why re invent the wheel? Right?

The best field sheet comes from your own report.
Otherwise it is not matched.

I honestly could not see how you would be able to use another s sheet unless they have the exact same report template.
It would just be confusing.

And your right, I just would like to have a condensed version, I was just curious to see if there was one out there.

Camera and a voice recorder. Really don’t need a recorder, but it can help.

Oh, and a good memory.

I made one when I first started using the SOP as a template and using my specific inspection sequence to arrange the sheet order…



Which software are you using.?

You should be able to ,if it is any good,just print a blank template sheet.

Im testing Home Inspector Pro again, I was using Legacy IV. With Legacy you could print out the blank form, with HIP its not as easy. Mostly I do the Camera and note pad technique by noting the number on the picure and making the notes on what I found for the report. Im just basically looking for ways to be more efficient in how I operate.

Hi Howard,

To print a blank form just click Generate Report! If your using a template where items are set not to print if there’s no comments, just go to Report Settings->Options->Item Options and check print items even if there’s no comment. Also set it to print in continuous mode to use less paper. Also laminate it and use a dry erase marker to make it more efficient if you plan on using it for awhile instead of a tablet or laptop.

Hey Dom,

I was trying to call you to find out how that was done… Great, Ill do that as soon as I get back to the house!! Thanks!!

That’s how I made mine.

I rarely look at it ,but it is nice to have in my folder in case I have a mindless day.(insert joke)

No problem. We don’t answer the phones after hours (would never get anything done), but I just check emails, forums every hour or so and will call someone back if they have an emergency (got to get a report out).

Here is something you might want to try Checklist.pdf (96 KB). When I first was starting out had these pages laminated and used an erasable marker to make notes, see what you think.

To be honest that looks to basic.
Nothing on foundation or structural for documenting floor joists,beams,etc.