Field Training and getting responses

Looking for advice on gaining state required field training.

I randomly selected around a dozen local/regional inspections companies, inquiring about doing field training with them, and two specific inspectors I am somewhat familiar with. My field training and state licensing test is all that remains, yet I am having difficulty in getting responses to field training.

I have used InterNachi’s list of “State specific” inspectors, and plain Google. Am I approaching this in the wrong way? Btw, I emailed each of the inspectors, as that was there preferred means of contact.

Thanks, Jon

I never had to meet this requirement but from reading other’s experience on this forum, your best bet is to search out a company at least 3-4 hours from your intended business location. Also, make sure the training fee you are offering makes it worth it for them. $100 per inspection seems to be about the average but it could be more or less in your area.

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Where are you at?

Hello Roy, I am in Central Indiana

Well, I haven’t spoken to anyone directly as of today, but I would probably get laughed at for offering that fee. Ive seen two websites that are wanting $100/hr for field training. Im sure its just the way I’m approaching this, but nonetheless, discouraging. Thank you

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Wowzers. That is a lot for sure. How many hours do you have to do?

12 hours field time.

Oh, well that is not too bad. If you can get it done for $1200 I would consider that a great deal. Or are the one’s offering $100/hr not returning calls either?


Ryan, I havent received any form of communication to date. I’ll keep plugging away, but I want to get into this.

IMO, $1,200 for field training is not a bad deal. I know for a fact the information I share with another inspector is worth $100 per hour. I consider the entry cost low for most professions.


Your 12 hours of practical experience is provided by an Indiana Home Inspectors Licensing Board approved prelicensing course provider. Try Heartland in Indy. The founder is retired so I don’t know who is running it nowadays.

Thanks for the reply, but according to InterNachi, it doesn’t have to come from “Indiana Home Inspectors Licensing Board approved prelicensing course provider”, whatever that is? That would mean Internachi is responsible for my 12 hours of field training, and I don’t believe that is true.

The Home Inspection Licensing Board is the department you go to to apply for your home inspection license in Indiana. It doesn’t matter what Nachi says, it’s an Indiana law.

” 878 IAC 1-3-2 Prelicensing course requirements
Authority: IC 25-20.2-3-8 Affected: IC 25-20.2
Sec. 2. (a) Applicants for licensure must complete no fewer than sixty (60) hours with a minimum of forty (40) hours of classroom training and a minimum of twelve (12) hours of practical experience provided by a board approved prelicensing course