Fighting with appraiser

I am doing a 203K write up and the appraiser is asking for a 100 amp breaker to shut off the sub panel. The main panel is right next to it. Electrical is not my best skill but I think adding a one movement shut off to the subpanel is unnecessary. I can’t remember the code on this but I thought if the main was within 3 feet all you need is the 100 amp breaker on the main to be good.

Anyone know about this?

There is only one main disconnect required (by code) at or before the main distribution panel. Sub-panels are not required to have (and perhaps should not have?) a method of disconnect. I’m sure one of our resident electrical guru’s will chime in shortly to (correct?) me. Don’t forget you can always call Paul Abernathy for his assist. I could also give you the contact for a MN code officer that is always willing to help home inspectors. Note: he happened to be at this mornings meeting. Where were you? :wink:

How is the sub-panel connected to the main panel by a circuit breaker? If so then the conductors between the two panels are a feeder and protection at the beginning of the feeder is all that’s required. Do you have a photo of the interiors of the two panels?

I had a family meeting this morning at 9:30. Got some drama going on and I had to be there. I look forward to the next meeting.
On the electric I think I’ll take what you said as its close to what I thought.3

No, I don’t open the panels for 203K inspections. Neither does the appraiser. Other big things were missed by this same appraiser so I found it odd he called out electric work beyond “replace broken switch”, its always things you can see. The fight now is I am accused of writing a hard report because I caught railing and stair issues, foundation repairs and plumbing problems like ABS and PVC glued together on drain and waste lines and S traps in use.

I am going to assume the feeder is controlled by the 100 amp breaker.

The NEC does not require a main disconnect in the subpanel in the same building as the service panel, regardless of distance .

Thanks Jim, and thanks Jeffrey and Robert. My report is done without me asking for a disconnect on a sub panel. At this point I can ignore the appraiser and if pushed ask him to provide information to support his request.

Lately some appraisers have been acting like home inspectors on these loans. Last year I was asked to add “paint water meter in front yard”? This is Minnesota, no water meters outside. It turned out to be the gas meter and although you can paint it belongs to the gas company so I nor anybody else can make that a mandatory repair.