Fill-In The Caption Contest

[size=3]Fill In The Caption

“It’s good to be King…”

“You know…I could see both, Bill and Hillary, fighting over that one.”

“I wonder if I could get in her panties?”

“Na, they’d never fit you.”

“If Michele had a bootie like that, I’d never leave the the White House.”

As the economy plummets, a leader ‘arises’…

Something about “stimulus” and “package”

Second guy says… “I don’t think he heard a thing I said”.

Holy train Batman look at the size of that caboose…

Why in the world does Barney smoke sausages?

Second Guy: “You going to ‘do her’ Mister President?”

Pres: “No, I’m too busy doing it to the rest of the country right now.”

“Where is that telepromter when you need it?”

Second Guy: “You know shes only 13.”
Pres: “…I’m sorry were you saying something?”

Second Guy: Hmmmm, if we could include one of those with every vehicle sold I think we could save the auto industry.

Gezz i am glad i am democrat so i can look , without guilt. In public . Second guy. Yeah yeah didn’t have to sneak off to a airport bathroom or Argentina ether .

The Brazilian representative, the carioca (from Rio de Janeiro) Mayara Tavares, a 16-year-old beauty on its way to meet Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, caught the eyes of a discreet Nicolas Sarkozy and a much less discreet Barack Obama, the presidents of France and the United States respectively.

Poor Rupert…in spite of all of his efforts to the contrary…the media still loves Obama.

Looks like the Fox model…the pretention of “fair and balanced” …is fooling less and less people as time goes on.

Rupert needs another trick.

That may be changing

If I recall, that pollster had John McCain within 2 percentage points of victory the week before the election…

James, James, James

The Hollywood Reporter?:roll::roll:

That’s the first place I go for objective opinion and then the National Enquirer and after that The Star :sarcasm: :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: