Fillable Roof Certification Form

Good evening guys,

Hope all is well with you and business is good. I am looking for a fillable roof certificate form without the Citizens logo on it. Would anyone happen to have one of those.

Thanks Justin

And why do you think you need one? If you want it for branding, why not get yourself your own Acrobat Pro software to make your own. Just a suggestion…

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the free tools are worth the $20. You can do almost anything with it and is super user friendly.

Why is it that no one wants to do anything for themselves any more. They all expect things to be handed to them. In the time it took to write that post and wait for a ‘gift’ you could have figured it out for yourself. That’s what we all did.

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Just use their 4 Point form.
It says in the roofing section…

Brad there are at least two other insurance carriers other than Citizens that are requiring roof certification forms. Was hoping to use the citizens form without the citizens logo on it. No more, no less.

Eric, I will email you in a few minutes. Thanks for your response.


Just use the Citizens form, the others accept it.

I was aware of that but wanted to provide a finished report that did not have the logo for those customers and agents using a different insurance provider. I was able to get what I needed.

Thanks to those that contributed.


wsiegel writes:

I’m glad you aren’t an InterNACHI member wsiegel.

Mr. Bradley,
It makes sense. But how to?

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Md Uddin
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