Fillable Wind Mit Form

Does anyone have a fillable wind mit program that saves your basic information that you have to fill in on every form? I’m using a great program now that I got from WindSurance -, but I cannot save the repeat information in the main program. I will pay for one that will. Thanks in advance!

Try QPDF notes in your app store. Works great, you can save a copy with all of the filled in info. The program worked really good for me when I used it.

Thanks Shawn. I’ll try it!

NP!! :smiley:

I use WindSurance from that same company, and it certainly does save the repeat info (name, license#, phone, signature, etc).

Contact the vendor or re-read the tutorials, it will save you time in the long run,

You can make your own for free with Acrobat reader pro. I did it for my state WDO form

Thanks Dominic, I went back and looked at the program I was using. It was the free version that was given out years ago. I just upgraded to the Premium Edition which will do everything I need it to do. Thanks again.

I had good luck making my own with pdfill. Took a few tries getting the right text box and font size but after a few attempts I was able to make good working forms. I’m still on the hunt for an image page though. Currently I’m using a formatted word document, which works fine, but I’d like one with drop downs for descriptions, just to save some time. … So if anyone has a solution lemme know, I’d appreciate it.

Look at this, I think there is an image page also.

Hip wind mit rocks.

I have been using HG wind mit forms and I am able to add picture pages, only downfall with it is that you can’t adjust the picture size. But I take my tablet out to the field with me and able to produce a wind mitigation report onsite. Don’t have to go back to my office to finish the report.

Thank you, your picture page is exactly what I wanted.

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