Final draw inspection

Went to do a final draw yesterday and I could not pass the work so no check to the contractor. Lots wrong at this home but the counter area over the stove caught my eye. Lady of the house says they can only use the front burners.

Also the counter is particle board covered with PSA veneers. They come loose when heated.

Ooops. And this is an approved 203k contractor?

Approved by the bank. Low bidder too!
I have 111 photos of defects.

So the contractor denies his work is substandard and he tells me he builds million dollar homes. I tell him I am a trim carpenter and guess what? He is too! :shock:


Lets see. Wood next to gas stove fire. What could possibly go wrong. Some contractors leave three common things off their job sites. Common tape measure, common level and especially common sense.

The counter top is substandard as it’s not fireproof :slight_smile:

Send that pic to whoever certifies the FHA contractors lol