FINAL GRAND PRIZE (for newer members only). InterNACHI's entire textbook library.

Here it is:

First member with an InterNACHI ID# that begins with 11xxxxxx wins.

This FINAL GRAND PRIZE should go to a newer member who joined in 2011.

Me Please
Michael J. Meeker
Dania Beach, Florida

Russ Hensel
Fort Myers, Florida

dennis bonner


damn not me

Greg Arabie
Fort Myers, Florida

none of above are “new” members

Nobody yet

that would have been sweet! Am I a new member? I don’t know my #

Still available.

would have could have should have :slight_smile:

Any newer members out there?

Christopher Levia
Red Deer


Kathleen Luuk wins!


Nick thanks for a great time. Is it over?

Kathleen has a 2011 date for the message board. If that is her membership date, it would be the winner.

I would feel greedy asking for anymore anyway, I have already had an amazing win today.

Kathleen wins! Merry Christmas Kathleen.

That’s it folks, it sure was fun.

Nick pass it along to the next as I have already won a big prize hun.