Final plumbing inspection

Quick question, is a home inspector allowed to perform a final plumbing inspection on a bathroom remodel?

A contractor is looking to have a final inspection on a job his licensed plumber did. Does the final inspection have to be done by a licensed plumber?

The final inspection is done by the AHJ Authority Having Jurisdiction that issued the permit for the job. Man o man…:shock:

What kind of Contractor and Plumber do you have to ask that question for Pete’s sake?:roll:

You would also think a CMI would know this!
Oh, wait a minute, he’s a newbie?
Interesting… Total Eclipse Inspections LLC - Certified® Professional Inspector in Elburn, IL.

Most of the time when someone says “final plumbing inspection” they mean the AHJ, but the fact that he is calling a home inspector makes me think that he might just want to hire you to look at the work his subs are doing. I do some inspections of sub’s work for what I call “Wall Street Builders” who don’t know if the work the subs are doing is any good and so hire me to approve payments on projects. They found me years ago on OverSeeIt

Why would one want to pay a Home Inspector to inspect the plumbing when you can have the AHJ like I did for my washroom inspect the underground and above ground rough-in and final fixture installation for free.
That is why we pay for a permit, other than having your taxes go up after. :slight_smile:

There are plenty of people who want an independent inspection for specific work, projects etc. Just because you don’t do these types of inspections doesn’t mean they are not valuable or marketable.

Have you ever paid for a second medical opinion or know someone who has?

If the world could rely solely on AHJs, there wouldn’t be a single complaint about contractors.

OverSeeIt .

:mrgreen: Well, I was standing right there myself, so I was a little more comfortable. :wink:

That’s exactly what happened Nick. Easiest $100 I’ve ever made.

What’s “interesting” about this?