Final Poll for 2012 Best Defect Award

The Final Poll of the Year is Posted here;

Hope all can participate for this one.

The Winner of this Poll will Win this;

One Case of;

And Best of all, per Nick Gromicko’s approval and approval of the Awards Committee,

One Free Year to INACHI Membership.

My congratulations to the winner to be. :):smiley:

A free year at the old or new price :slight_smile:

One free Year following the one at present when it expires.Don’t matter the price. Prices don’t go up for existing Members. :slight_smile:

Thanks to all!!
Merry Christmas!!!

Case of books to both are shipping out tomorrow. Also, each have been renewed.

Remember, all members stay at the same rate they joined at, never to be increased for existing members, only new members.

Thanks Lisa Great info much appreciated … Roy… Smooth move

Thanks Lisa!