Final Poll for May's Best Defect Picture

We have two runners for this Months Poll.
The first Poll runner was

#1 Peter Russel with;


#2 Keith Runquist with;

Two good inspection defect pictures, so vote for the best one. :slight_smile:

Only 9 people care to vote?:slight_smile:

Well, sure looks like #2 is taking the lead. :slight_smile:

Just wondering how would anyone allow something like that to happen. :wink:
The picture that is.

Just asking…Did some buyer actually have to hire a HI to tell them they had a hydro pole growing out of the driveway? lol

I like the truncated gable. Obviously Peter is not one of those inspectors who doesn’t walk rooftops.

The pole situation was actually in the disclosure. It happened through a long convoluted disagreement between the developer and the city. Obviously they were not able to come to terms :slight_smile: