Finally, finally a mortgage company with a brain

I think Allan posts are great. Sure love you as a full time member Allan. Maybe Roy can talk to Nick and see what can happen. Nick’s the greatests!

Look, crossing borders does not only mean south.
Guys/Gals, open your minds and attitudes.
There is east and west province borders as well.

I offer, and will continue to offer, any homei wishing to keep their passion to work as a member through my company if they wish to travel to Montreal.
I have a spare bedroom.

Great conversation Allan. Sure wish you were a INACHI member.

“there is east and west province borders” - Which opens another set of questions, and regulatory requirements particularly in view of provinces with home inspection regulation.

One cannot “assume” that border hopping will be automatic without some verification of qualifications, insurance, etc and a valid inspection license to work in that province. There’s not too many large provinces left where license/regulations have not had an impact.

If they work as an employee what rules/regulations are in their

My understanding the same rule…they must where regulated, hold a valid license to practice home inspection in that regulated province and be insured.

Some may be recognized by InterProvincial Trade Agreement, but that is not an automatic pass either.

Not keen on unneeded over reaching provincial regulations.
Regulations should keep all parties AT ARM LENGTH.
Follow N.A. home inspector regulations. It appears many are deregulating, or so I heard.

I think it is quite enlightening that mortgage companies and banks are picking up the SLACK where provincial governments failed, BIG TIME.

As to my fox watching the hen house, looks that way in Ontario.