Finally; here it is – succinct, accurate and precise

Subtitled - More republican lies and distraction

Question: How many times do you let someone try to fix your car before you go to a new mechanic? The congressman says the private sector should be allowed to fix these problems. And what have they done for the last 40 years about these well known issues.

Pre-existing conditions - Nothing
Cancellation when someone gets sick - Nothing
Rationing of care by refusing payment - Nothing
Letting people die in the name of profit - Nothing

Now when a progressive congress threatens to do something about these issues. (and cut into the billions of dollars that the health insurance folks skim off the top) the republicans get up on their hind legs and howl that the private sector needs to be allowed to work.

This is a crock and you righties know it. It’s about politics and beating that man of color in the White House. Hoping to regain power so you can do exactly what you did before and enrich your friends at the expense of the rest of us.

I repeat my call for all these politically charged issues to be moved to the appropriate area. But until it happens across the board I will continue to attack the lies propagated by the right. If you don’t like then complain to the folks who run this forum, not me.

The crock is that you actually believe what you type.

Whenever you are challenged you hide from that thread and go pollute another.

Man up Don.

Don, you don’t want the Government controlling your health care nor do you want them fixing your car. Trust me on this one.

Disagreeing with a 1/2 white person does not make you a racist.:wink:

All you have to do is take some of Congressman Roger’s words, change them to “agents” and “buyers” and “home inspection boards” and “parts of a home” and he can be talking about home inspection licensing.

A true travesty. We all will be working for the government, under their rules, laws, regulations, educational and insurance requirements, all for what real reasons?

And home builders will continue to build shoddy homes, contractors will be taking advantage of unneeded home repairs, and RE agents and their “buddy” repairmen will be doing home “checks”, all not under any licensing, rules or regulations here in Kansas. If these start to apply come January 1, 2010, the virus will fester to Missouri, Nebraska, and on to other states. Just you wait. The feds are moving in.

Fifty-percent of Americans pay no federal income taxes. Obama wants to insure everyone under a Canadian system. That means if you pay taxes, you’ll be paying for your healthcare and the healthcare of someone who does not pay taxes.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul is great if you’re Paul. Not so great, if you’re Peter.

And of course the Pauls of the world will vote the Obamunist Party line every time.

And the Peters will move to another country that values personal freedom and choice.

I think that the rubes are finally waking up, however. I hope it’s not too late.

Shouldn’t everyone pay some kind of tax?

How about a flat rate maybe 15%. Oh I forgot the 9 trillion spent since the first of the year better make that 50%, Oh yeah theres the group that make no wages therfore pays no taxes, better make that 75%.

How else are we ever going to catch up? Not in the next ten generations I fear.

Because of the deficit, everyone will be paying taxes of some sort. Look for the mortgage deduction to go away next, and a large tax on gasoline. Business deductions will soon be gone. You have to rob Peter to pay Paul, unless China keeps buying up our debt and giving us funds to operate.

Hey, I have had several inspections lately with people who are moving here from China.

They said on the news last night, our interest payments to the Chinese is already up to $1.2 billion. :shock: our deficit is now up to over 17 Trillion, thanks to the one who promised to reduce our deficit.

When your kids and grand kids come to you years from now and ask
"daddy or grandpa, why did you let this happen’? What do you say?
Frankly it scares the hell out of me. I want less government in my life …not more. As far as I’ve read, congress and government employees are exempt from Obamacare. That speaks volumes to me…Do as I say and not as I do.

Stop the presses!!!

Yes. Everyone should pay some kind of tax.

No productive person would vote in a million years for a troll like Barney Frank or slug like John Kerry. So they have to pander to the non-productive slugs in the country with give-away programs purchased with the taxes of the productive people.

Here’s my tax proposal: A. NO DEDUCTIONS - this eliminates all kinds of stupidity. B. NO CORPORATE TAXES - this eliminates all sorts of stupidity - private jets, Vegas Conventions, Golf Memberships. C. 2 % of first $25,000, 4% of next $25,000, 6% of next $25,000, 8% of next $25.000, 10% of next $900,000, 15% of everything over $1,000,000.

Not enough money to run the country? Tough darts. Start cutting. Get rid of every cabinet department established after the Department of Labor. OUT. Every single one; with one year’s severance for everyone with 10 years or more service. Six months for everyone with 5 but less than 10. Three months for everyone else.

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