FINALY. a pleasur to see.

no words needed to say how i felt when i saw this. garden style condo built in 2002.


Well, the wiring is pretty, but they left off the inner cover so none of the circuits are labeled.
That’s bad.
And all those exposed live wires.
Bad, bad, bad. :smiley:

damn Ray, i missed that. i was so flabergasted by the sheer beauty of it all;) :mrgreen: :cool:

Excuse the newbie type question, but what’s up with all the yellow things (splices?) just before the wires go into the breakers.

Thats little pieces of the insulation stripped off, and instead of tossing it and sweeping it up, some electricians use it for labeling with “sharpie” marker. they’re not splices, they just sit there for the next guy who opens the panel. makes electricians lives a little easier.