Financial Problems and want to attend the conference?

I am going to offer an airline voucher from Southwest airlines to a NACHI member in good standing who has financial difficulty to attend the conference, who is either from Len’s Chapter or Patsy’s chapter.

If you are financial in need, and wish to attend the conference, e-mail me and explain your desire. All e-mails will be kept confidential. Only e-mail me. No one needs to read anyone’s situation

I will reply to the person selected only- I only have 1 round trip ticket to be donated. and in the subject section write the works ticket to conference

Don’t forget to include all details such as name address and phone number.

Hope I can help to get still another NY Member to the conference.

Bill Merrell-Merrell Institute

You’re a good sport Bill :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: