Financing available for anyone willing to start a company to compete with Mr. Fix It.

In the infamous words of Mark T. I must say “very nice”. :smiley:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

NO, no picture of a chickie poo on the front !!!

Bought some stuff at Home Depot to work on a walkway and I got this plastic mold with chickie poo on the front—hair pulled up, nails polished, big ole smile. I said to myself “how hard can it be”

That was one of the darnest projects I’d done, I wasn’t smiling, back was sore and I can’t say that my hands were the smoothest after that day.

I complained for a week. It didn’t seem fair, oh well


chuckling all the way to the bank… :wink:

That’s right, if you don’t someone else will


I refuse to be bullied.


or sumptin like dat.

I really don’t want to go into this thing but Mr. Fix It, whoever that is, forced me. He’s selling cases of anti-NACHI books (that mention smaller associations but not NACHI) to NACHI members!

So he’s forcing me to become a fierce competitor. We’ll soon have a better book, at a better price, that at least treats NACHI fairly, marketed more agressively, and with better distribution infrastructure.

What a goof ball he must be. He spawned that competitor who will now eat his lunch. Talk about comitting business suicide. :roll:

What is the saying?

…is the mother of invention?


I have an entire segment of my book dedicated to choosing a home inspector.

I’m pretty sure it will treat NACHI fairly. :slight_smile:

You have already written it?

well if you write the electrical portion…give me a call…as for financing…dont need it…I’m Rich B*tch…tehhehe…thats what Dave Chapell would say…:slight_smile:

Now…I got all that covered…Me gots Charisma, Style and a GUT…need I say more…:slight_smile:

I have the outline written out already. :slight_smile:

You wanna help on the electrical Paul? That would be great! We can have co bi-lines…

Maude and Mavis Beadle?:mrgreen:

(I’d like to be a rich AHEM…fo sure!):wink:

I gotcher chickie poo -
36 hens, 2 roosters, all organic.

Place your chickie poo orders now.

Hey Russ? Would ya send me some? Of the chickens AND the eggs?

Do you know how hard it is to find organic chickens around here?

What do you feed them?

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Oooh…I know you did that in the middle of the night for a reason.:shock:


Let’s see a small sample of your work in progress?

Once I have a contract in hand I’ll post a little something. Those are the terms I’ve laid out and I’m going to stick with them.