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Fun ,but not exactly accurate.
Had two of my sites with the exact same figures.

Dwellingdoctors.Com Estimated Worth $1401.6 USD


How do they determine that and how do they figure something is making ad money if there are no ads?

Bob, I am sorry to tell you but your quota of questions answered by me has been reached for 2010. :smiley:

You got there pretty quick this year buddy, you might have to find some info on your own for a while…:wink: Estimated Worth $2044 USD

I was being rhetorical , since I am my own best expert in most matters.:slight_smile:

Mine came to over $10,000
Not for just one site however.(darn)
How are your rankings.
my best is at 4,000,000

hehehehehehhehe…Dwellingdoctors.Com Estimated Worth $2292.2 USD

Just a reminder.

Mine was $2389 USD??

Ya, I added $900.00 of value Bob…:smiley:

Well, there is always hope. :wink: Estimated Worth $1781.2 USD $1845 Squareonehomeinspection.Com Estimated Worth $3511.3 USD

It appears the value is based on traffic and not what it might go for in the free market. For instance, we paid $45,000.00 for but the calculator says it’s only worth $1,963.00. Estimated Worth $3883.6 USD Estimated Worth $103258.5 USD Estimated Worth $7752.6 USD

My site is worth $18.39 provided I throw in my truck and a ham and cheese sandwich on rye.