Find the defect, win nothing.

OK. Here is something I have never seen before. 1920s 6 flat apartment building that I was inspecting. it had a rear wooden porch which appeared to be in good shape. I am attaching a picture that, I feel has, 2 defectys visable. Can you find them? Picture taken fron the rear alley looking over the rear garage.

If no one finds them in the next day or two, I will post two additional pictures that shows the problem more clearly.

Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:

Opening too wide between the bottom of the railing and the steps.

Not what I am looking for. That spacing is OK around here.

Non-graspable handrail as well as what Joe said.


Electric cable running though it clearly within reach.

SEC looks like it is attached at the deck and within reach.

Don’t know what’s up with that mushroom patch up on the roof there…but that just doesn’t look right. Don’t see a firewall extending over the roof line either.

I agree electric incorrect , I to think incorrect space under rail at steps .
Hand rail too wide Roof vents look like too close and angled are they loose … Roy

Yep feeders through the porch and also the flues on the roof.
How silly they put a board there to stop people from touching it.
On exit I notice the handrails are not graspable and the door framing looks open at top.
Porch looks good at the column splices with 4 bolts as required.
Stringers were cut a little short but they added a board.

Service wire to close to exits, or reachable

Step into the door if i am looking at it right look a tad to high . I like Bobs idea about the flues also . hard to tell from this picture

No post to joist diagonal bracing. Front band is not sitting directly on the support posts.

Seems to me that the service mask/panel should have been on the other side of the building. From looking at the photo it looks like a fire and electric hazard.

I really don’t know much about flat roofs but all those B vents or gas vents look bent over and close together.

From seeing the photos you Chicago guys post you really have hard jobs. I would have to have two or 3 people helping me inspect the buildings you guys inspect.

That looks like a whole day and night inspection to me. I hope you made a $1000 min on that job.

The gas grill on the wood deck looks scary.

Don’t get too close to it and it won’t bite you.

Egress issues if it’s > 1 or 2 family dwelling.


Temporary lights at the top left.

Two of the exhaust vent caps look less than 6 inches apart.