Finders Fee

If you get a job from another inspector and he wants an finders fee. Does anyone know what a typical finders fee should be for a general home inspection?

Zero other than a genuine thank you and reciprocity when the opportunity presents itself

Do the right thing. If its one job then a thank you is cool. But of hes throwing you jobs. Then i bet he wouldn’t mind a little something. If you no your never going to give him any work then money talks. Im pretty busy with all my ventures so i constantly give work to other inspectors and guess who gets the first call. You don’t have to give him anything but im pretty sure if he wants some type of payment he will just find another inspector that will pay.

I refer to other inspectors with expectations of nothing more than a thank you.

As do I.

My office has a list of three inspectors that are referred when I am unable to accommodate the timeframe needed by the client/agent. I receive “thank you” texts almost every day for referrals to these inspectors. I consider that to be perfectly sufficient.

I have refereed jobs and been referred jobs. No money changed hands.

The ability to have the jobs covered and not having to tell a client “it can’t be done” is usually thanks enough both ways.

Sounds much like what a shady realtor would say. I think a thank you would be owed and in return give the clients the quality of service that would make them proud to have referred you… Much like we all ***** and moan that that’s what we want our relationship with agents to be like.