Finding a Heat Exchanger Defect

**Ben Gromicko tears apart a mid-efficiency gas-fired heating system to demonstrate how impossible it is to inspect for a cracked heat exchanger during a normal home inspection.


Very cool. :cool: I’m amazed at the amount of HI education available on this site.




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Try here…

Hmm… try it again fellas.

Link not working.

Worked fine for me several times.

Very nice Ben. How about a video of you putting that back together.:smiley:

That is a excellent video to show clients why we cannot inspect the heat exchanger. Although it would be priceless to see the looks on everyone’s faces if you did start tearing it apart. :shock:

Thanks - it was fun - I hope everyone takes advantage of the free video - it’s part of a larger course that is excellent.

1 - set expectations of your client
2 - there are many vital things that are simply beyond a visual inspection - and that’s okay
3 - use good narratives
4 - use good disclaimers
5 - learn more than you think you need to know

If you’re still having problems getting the video to play - click the link - then REFRESH your browser.

Get good narratives and disclaimers -

All I saw was pay $200

Can we save it to our computer to show customers OR can it be saved on a CD for the same purpose (including with their report).

That’s for the course
The video about the heat exchanger is free
Screen shot of what you should be seeing.
Picture 4.jpg

I enjoyed the vid Ben.


You were kind of rough and dramatic when you pulled the skin. :wink:

Hey Ben…when am I going to get my furnace back…You said you only needed it for a couple hours…cmon man it’s starting to get cold here…

I’m sure as long as you pay shipping Ben will be glad to send you the kit for assembly. :wink:

Good Video Ben, thanks. Since I started HVAC training this fall (evenings), I’m finding a lot of the same, and priceless, information that matches what you’re offering. Thanks for all you do to advance the interNACHI video training.

Ben, that was great!
I’ve included the link in my report.
Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

That is an excellent idea Russ.

Ben this is a great tool.