Finding amperage on a house

Good one Thomas!
If the carrier does not have pics of both interior & exterior with the cover off they will reject it 9 of 10 times. I’d still take 'em off anyways.

There was a time when the main cables were tied together neatly with a plastic tie. It broke after I placed the cover on, wires now out of place. The last screw in hit the 1/0 cu cable & there was an explosion-BANG! The flash luckily went over my head, happend FAST so heard it but couldn’t see it. My assistant did. I was lucky for sure.
I did have these on which mkay have saved my life. :cowboy_hat_face:

ASTM D120-09 Compliant Class 0 Rubber Electrical Insulating Gloves

So you are saying every MDP in America is dangerous? I take every one off unless it’s physically impossible


I always remove the cover if possible. Here in SC we have to identify the conductor type in the panel. Also if I couldn’t or wouldn’t remove the cover the customers might make me go back and check it anyway later. I hate it when they’re painted shut but I always take the time to get those darned painted screws out. Also you learn a lot by looking at the different panel types etc.

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Angela, that cover is easily removed, not painted shut. Sunny day.

Robert, what does happened into mean? Both of them while working in a panel? I do not understand your description, never heard of 2 people working in a single residential panel at once. Fishing a new run to an energized panel?

Tens of millions of panels have been safely installed, billions? of service calls, all safely as long as proper procedure is followed. Maybe everyone should stay at home and give up their vehicles, because they heard of a relatives co worker got in a car accident.

My opinion is that a home inspection is fractionally incomplete without inspecting the electrical panel interior.

To the people who do not inspect the panel interior, do you advertise prominently on your website that you do not do so?

If a consumer had a choice between someone who did so and didn’t, is there some service quality or aspect that would overcome, or be more important than, for example, finding charred wires, aluminum branch wiring, undersized breakers?

Lame. :chicken: :hatched_chick:

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Well said, John!


Square D says you cannot inspect the inside of their panel unless it is de-energised first.

What an idiot!


For reading what the manufacturer publishes? Just because it makes your job harder doesn’t change the facts.

Most inspectors lack the proper training on NFPA 70E. So why insult me for trying to keep them safe?

Show me…

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Just a matter of time my friend. :wink:

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Well, I’m not losing any sleep over it.

I hope that you wait until I share my bombshell next week.

I really hope so…Yep!

Deenergized means perhaps turning the main breaker off while looking at the rest of the panel, not pulling the meter.