finding house by MLS number?

is there a site i can use to find a house i have an MLS but no address?

This probably won’t work in more populated areas but here I can just put the MLS number in Google and get the listing 9 out of 10 times. When it doesn’t work I just put mls in front of the number and so far it always works.

You can also try and use the “Search by MLS ID” under “Find Homes”. That and other methods work for me but I don’t know if it works nationwide.

Many times if you search google by property address, the mls info will display.

There are many MLS services across the country. Some are local based. I always start by Googling “**MN MLS xxxxxx” **most of the time comes right up. If not, I try Trulia, Zillow,, etc… Very rarely am I not able to locate it.

My husband is a Realtor, so I just go to the MLS and look it up.

If you know the realtor that is listing the house most of the time it will be on there web site. Or on the local MLS for that area. I don’t know about indiana but the next state over (IL.) you can belong to the Realtor Assn And get the info direct.
Hope this helps

im planning on becoming an affiliate with board of Realtors in the next month or so… i tried and trulia but didnt see a place to search by mls. Maybe blind in my old age… i ended up calling a realtor who looked it up for me.

At just beneath the search button is “more search options”…
click on that… on next page is tab for MLS ID… click on that… rest is self explanatory :wink:

Around here affiliates (inspectors) don’t have access to the MLS. Kind of a bummer. I usually go with or do a google search. The agents that work with me a lot, know I use it, and usually just e-mail me the MLS info directly.

Right here Robert:


In georgia we can use GMLS to find it by MLS nimber, address or city or county.