Finding Inspection Work

I’ll answer a few of your questions and address a few of your concerns (In no particular order)

1.Construction Experience
It is not necessary. It can be helpful but just as often it is a hinderance.

  1. Uphill Battle
    Life is an uphill battle, then you die. Home inspection fits right in.

  2. Too Many Inspectors
    This is one of my favorite topics. I’ve owned a few businesses and I’ve thought about getting into a few others. With every business that I have been involved with, friends, family, and business associates always told me that the market was already saturated. Of course they were. ALL markets are saturated. That’s the nature of free enterprise. If you are lucky enough to enter a market that is not saturated, you should do business as though it were. The reason being that it will become saturated, sooner or later.

  3. Working for Someone Else
    Don’t do it! Make money for yourself, not for someone else.


That should be required reading for any new InterNAJCI member.

The utter arrogance of some of these noobs is amazing.

Thank you George I appreciate the advice. I can use it!

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Thank you William I will do that.

Based on all the other discussion, I should note that I do have a trades background

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Whatever you do do NOT…I repeat do NOT sign up with Homeadvisor!!! They will promise you the Galaxy and will only bleed you dry. Get a good website and keep it updated etc so it shows up on google. Get someone to do it for you if you don’t know how to do it. Best money I spent was on my website and its beginning to pay off. Several of my last home inspections have come from a google search. If you can get in with other inspectors that would be great as well. They can introduce you to people and you can learn a lot from them. Possibly even get referrals from them when they are to busy to handle all the work.

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I would disagree. I know everyone trashes HA, but I actually moved to Tampa myself about a year ago, had to start all over. I went to open houses, talked with the realtors (this is a good way to get their full attention, because they are bored, and not going anywhere). I got some good realtors this way that now use me exclusively. But I also used Home Advisor until my website started getting some good traffic, and now that helps too. But I would land on average 1 out of 3 leads I paid for, which ended up costing me about $100 for every inspection. Yes, Its expensive, but so is advertising… and without it, I would not have had any work… Some days I would get 3 leads, and land all 3… It got me started, I only used them for a couple months, got some good contacts, and was busy enough after that to keep going without them. I still have an account, but only turn it on when I am slow, (which hasnt happened now for about 6 months) However, it is annoying to use, because you HAVE to drop everything and call them immediately. I would have clients say “Man! that was fast, I just submitted!” (I would tell them yeah, I was actually at my desk…) But my top 3 realtors I have I actually met doing an inspection from Home Advisor, So those inspections alone have paid well over whatever investment I gave H.A.

By the way, I am super busy, and I am also in Tampa, I may be interested in some help, if you’d like, give me a call sometime. 813 817 6477


I’m going to save your number also Daniel. I’m just a little north of Tampa. Still a ways off from being licensed but would love to pick your brain about the area when I am.

No problem, Ive been thinking about even hiring an apprentice to start training “on the job”, to work side by side…if you are interested.

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Hi Daniel- I am a licensed HI and wondering if you would be interested in partnering for a ride along, as I need some exposure and experience. I am in the Brandon area.

Thanks, Willard Berger

Thanks so much Daniel. I’ll be taking the licensing exam within the next couple of weeks. I’ll call you soon! Thanks again!

I do as well. Its helpful for sure.

Sorry i never answered you… Have you started doing any inspections yet? I need to hire another inspector to help with the work load, and was wondering if you were interested. You can call me at 813 817 6477

Construction experience is nice, but not required as long as one has a good mind set to learn everything they can. Everyone starts from zero.

Saturated? Yes. Florida in particularly it seems.

Working for someone else is not a bad way to go. Someone else takes care of the marketing, the insurance, etc, and you can just inspect. If you go alone, it can take 2-3 years to get enough inspections going to make a living, meanwhile you have to spend a lot of time, effort and money marketing. Sure, as aa employee, you only get a small piece of the pie, but you’re also not spending a large chunk of your income on marketing/insurance/etc like a 1 man shop is.

Anyhow, I know of lots of people looking for inspectors in Florida. It just depends on what part of FL.

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I’m in the Tampa area. Thank you for the info!