Finding living dinosaurs...

anyone want to hazard a guess at her age

HINT: About 1/2 my age!

30 years

35 years - Barry’s a senior citizen:p:p:p

15 years:D Do I get a greenie for making you feel young again?

:stuck_out_tongue: Well it’s the same color as my dad’s '53 Ford. Barry, that makes you older than you look.

John Kogel

It can’t possibly be that old Barry…I don’t see any wooden parts!!!..:wink:

“**living **dinosaur”??

Does that thing bite?

What do you feed it?

Does it sleep on the couch?

Can it fetch the paper?

Where does it go to do it’s “duty”?

That would make the unit 50 years old I have never seen one still operaing at that age :twisted::wink:

50 :roll: