Finger Procedure

**Can someone who has submitted their fingerprints, explain the entire procedure? Do you have to send fingerprints to DBPR along with application? Where do you get fingerprint card? etc

Jonathan Wilhelm

Pearson Vue is doing the fingerprinting for the state. Go to their website and find a test center near you. You can set it up and pay online.

It is done at their site. The closest to you is in Hollywood. takes 5 minutes. It is done on a scanner. They claim to send the info where it needs to go. Good luck.

Make sure you set up an appointment for the “Electronic Fingerprinting Test” — They refer to it as a test.

The one at Oakland Commerce Center, 3317 NW 10th Terr. Ste 401 is closer.

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Pearson Vue also has a location in Boyton…

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