Fingerprinting for Licensing Question

I recently passed my proctored Florida State Home Inspectors exam through InterNACHI. I am now in the process of applying for the license here in Florida. I am looking for a reputable place to get my fingerprints and background check completed.

Thinking of going with this company above, but I wanted to know if anyone had any experience using them first. It seems legit enough, but something about the website and talking briefly with them on the phone has given me second thought before scheduling my appointment… especially since they require payment upfront.

I realize I could go to my local police department, which also offers fingerprinting on fingerprint cards, but the electronic fingerprinting seems so much more efficient so I’m looking at this option first.

This may be a bit of an odd/specific question, but thanks for any information anyone could give me.

Department of Professional Regulations has a list of those that qualify to do the digital fingerprinting.go to my and look up fingerprinting. or just Google it it’ll pop right up

After registration & payment, you then go to a listed UPS store in your area for the digital fingerprint.
Most of these places require payment in advance.
I’ve used these guys - OK.

that would be a lot easier good one Marc.

I used AAA Construction School in Jacksonville for the exam, prints etc
they have branches thru out florida.

Thanks for all the replies!

I figured most places would require payment upfront, but I just wanted to make sure they’re reputable and do it correctly. I wasn’t getting a real good vibe from the company I originally posted.

Thanks for that link Marc. Seems this suggestion will be even easier than some of the other options I researched in my area.

I have had to do fingerprints for so many things in the last 10 years or so and digital is the way to go. Normally only takes a few minutes if you have an appointment or get lucky by walking in. Last month I got lucky and just walked in as I had to do it again to qualify a company I am partnering up with. Lady said my prints suck and I would not have viable ones much longer. I did not know that could happen naturally. I do not know why agencies cannot just share them. Kind of a rippoff scam if you ask me.

The digital was extremely fast, and the UPS store option that Marc had posted was the way I decided to go. Thankfully I could schedule it on a Saturday, so I popped on over there after coaching my daughter’s soccer team. Luckily the store was completely empty, the employee knew exactly what was going on and verified my information, and we were done in about 5 minutes. I’d definitely recommend this option to anyone that has a UPS store in their location with the equipment/technology to do so.

Thanks again for all the suggestions

Good luck to you in business Jeremy!