Finished basement electrical disaster

Possibly the worst home wiring I have encountered over the past 6 years. Amazing!

goodwood 122.JPG

goodwood 141.JPG

goodwood 142.JPG

goodwood 143.JPG

goodwood 125.JPG

goodwood 125.JPG


Or are you just venting? :slight_smile:

That’s pretty much the standard in the rural parts of my state with no building codes, licensed contractors or AHJ inspections.

These photos comes from a commercial establishment on the town square a block from a city hall in an area that…believe it or not…has adopted the 2005 NEC. BTW, I didn’t remove the dead front. It didn’t have one…and it is next to the sink in the public rest room.


Yup that’s very bad. An idea who did the work?

Harry Homeowner electrical servicing!

Times are tough and DYI’s are getting very brave these days with doing their own renovations and electrical repairs. Thanks HGTV!

I agree that doesn’t look like UL approved electrical tape.