Finished First Lesson

I’m new to all this but I just finished my SOP course and on to the individual topics. My best friend is a contractor and I have worked for him part time for the last 8 years. I fell in love with carpentry, remodeling, and even codes. My favorite was finding all the “homeowner specials” in the walls of homes. Its like being an archaeologist learning the history of old building practices. I spent my downtime reading construction books and watching construction videos. I never had the guts to take the leap and going on my own (or quitting my airline pilot job). Since i moved away from best friend (Michigan to Florida) I hope I found a way to keep learning about and keeping involved in home construction.

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If you can pilot an airliner, the interNACHI courses will be a breeze. Have fun and enjoy and be safe in the air. :grinning:


Airliners are pretty straight forward. Everything, and I do mean everything, is standardized and repetitive. Construction allowed me to be creative and every job was vastly different. I just don’t think customers would appreciate me demo’ing their bathroom and then scooting out for a multi day trip. That’s my train of thought at least.

My neighbor is a Jet Blue pilot and he dabbles in carpentry. It is his stress outlet.