Finished Level 1 Today!

I finished my Level 1 today and did quite well, I am truly glad I took it as I learned so much about my camera’s abilities and how to truly utilize them to draw out the truest possible image. Excellent instructor and a few cancellations by some students from the auto sector left only me and one other student in the class and both of us were interested in building analysis. We were able to receive great hands on instruction and the instructor was able to put a greater emphasis on building diagnostics during the week as a result of the other maintenance cancellations. Bottom line after taking this training I could not imagine using this technology PROPERLY without it. Time to do some work and maybe consider Level 2 down the road after gaining my experience.

Great News Jerry…sounds like you had a good time and also learned a lot, great combination…!!

Congrats Jerry. Welcome to the thermography world. Who was your instructor?

Greg McIntosh from Snell Group in Richmond Hill. He was an excellent instructor from helping us understand the physics to the real world practical use of the camera during the hands on experiments, he did an A1 job.

Congrats Jerry!!

Thanks Mario, I understand you are going for your Level 2. I think that is a great idea, at the end of the course Greg gave us the the Canadian National Masters Specifications which outline the camera specs and operator cerification required for anyone wishing to bid on Federal Government Public Works Department thermography work. If you do not have a copy I would be happy to get one out to you.

Which camera you using??

Congratulations Jerry!

All the best,


Yes, I will be attending my level 2 cert. with ITC in Dec. 08
I would love to have a copy! Can you e-mail it or is it a printed copy?

Thanks Jerry!

Congrats Jerry

Congratulations Jerry!!!

Level 1 was also very interesting for me.

Thanks guys, it is printed and a number of sections. I will copy it and send it out to you Mario.

Dan , I am using the TIR, and John it was your course that initially wet my appetite for IR and I have to admit helped alot with my understanding of the Level 1 material. Thanks!