Finishing up a deal with FREA, they are going to pay members to renew at InterNACHI.

Hope to have it done next week.

Hi Nick,

What deal, can you explain.
I just renewed at FREA.

Same here, just renewed 2 weeks ago.

I don’t know when it will start (soon) but basically, if you are a member of both FREA and InterNACHI… FREA is going to pay your InterNACHI dues. They’ve found out that InterNACHI members suffer far less claims per inspection than other inspectors (although sssshhhh, I’m not supposed to know that information). Probably due to

I’ll know more next week.

Did we ever get more Streamlights with NACHI logos???


Hi Nick,
Any update on this? I just renewed with FREA and will soon have to renew with InterNACHI. If FREA will cover it I (and my wallet) would much rather go that way.
Thank you!

Hey Nick, is the ILLUSTRATED HOME package still available with renewal?
I know a member who got that.

I want in. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry i had it wrong, they are actually offering NEW memberships with selected software.

Current deal is?

Any update concerning this offer?

Any update on this??