Fire Ants

I live in south Florida, and I am trying to find a way to get rid of fire ants. I have bought the sprays, the powders, the pellets, anything and everything lowes/home depot has to sell. A few die and they just move a few feet over. Any tips or ideas on something I should buy or do.

Move to Ohio…

Hire a lawn spray guy…fertilizer and lawn pests all in one shot. Or you can use a magnifying glass.


I have been told that even selvin dust will get them. The problem is that they will come back no matter what you use. The best you can hope to do is control them within a specified area. The sooner you hit a nest the better; it saves on the poison you use that way.

My grandfather lived down there, he had a guy spray the whole yard periodically to keep them away, it will only repell them for a bit so its an ongoing treatment.

They’re like real estate agents. They’re every where, you can’t get rid of them and there is allways one that wants to bite you in the a_ _

I’ve been fighting the little suckers for many years and you will only be able to keep them under check never to get rid of them all.
Have you even noticed you will find more around where people live as opposed to out in the woods.
I use to take Malathion in my pressure sprayer and insert the spray nozzle down into the mound and spray as I was pulling it out.
Now I just use Amdro . They take the bate and take it to the queen .
Queen dead mound dead.
If they get into your house use Terro, another bate type killer.
They go to it like sugar.

All this can be had at Home Depot or Lowes.

Happy Hunting.

Try Termidor. Ants are gone for over a year on 1 treatment. Almost 3 years ant free here.

Fire ants are like real estate agents, there every where, you can’t get rid of them and there is always one who is a pain in the a–.

Second it AMDRO ant block.

Termidor is not labeled for ants, but it works wonders. :smiley:

That is too bad…Dursban TC was. :slight_smile:
To get rid of fire ants, do the following.
Hire a pest control company to do a lawn spray. While doing the lawn spray, have the tech go to each and every mound and place the rod in the mound and fill it up until the chemicals overflow. Do this with each mound. Stay off the grass for two days.
In a month, no more fire ants.
Amdro merely allows the ants to move to a new spot and create a new mound.
It is why it is called “pest control”. :wink:

After a sub treatment, I would dilute the mix and do lawn sprays and none of my clients ever had fire ants…or any other kind of ant!

If you are going to use Terro 2, the first thing you do is throw away the instructions.

Next, take a Q-tip and apply the Terro 2 to each window opening or, if you get lucky, right in the path of sweet eating ants. Draw the ants out of the home.

I used to take the q-tip and write my name on the wall. 20 minutes later, all the ants would come to the Terro and the client would see my name. A very effective marketing tool…