Fire Code Question

Our small Florida town of Frostproof is getting ready to spend about 70K on a fire sprinkler system for our old high school that is now our city hall - Total people in offices is about 10 – when council meets may 50 people in the building. All these areas are protected with a sprinkler system.

What Florida code says that we have to upgrade at this point?

I think that if we have a cert of occupancy now we would not be required to upgrade. Yes we are over 10,000 sq feet

We were told by the city contracted architect that it was Florida building code???

Help code experts


If the building has fire sprinklers in every closet and offices, and hallways Than I would think your fine. The only thing i can think of is replacing the heads with quick-reponse heads, maybe thats what they are talking about.

Unless walls were added to the existing area could cause this. You can have the Fire Marshall Stop by and they will give you an assesment on what code is. The code is you can have a maximum of 15’ between haeds with no obstructions. Any bulkhead of obstruction the is a difference of one foot lower or higher will also need to be sprinkler. Or are they saying you need more pull stations and audio/visuals due to it beiing a place of public assembly?