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November 2008

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Fire Code Changes
From time to time the Fire Code has new portions taking affect.This time a new portion comes into effect, pertaining to properties having a Fire Escape, and it comes into effect November 21, 2008
Fire escapes

(1) Each fire escape used as an exit shall be in accordance with Articles,, and of the 1990 Building Code.
(2) Where a fire escape serves any storey above the second floor,
(a) doorway openings shall be protected with closures having a 20 min fire-protection rating and equipped with self-closing devices, and
(b) window openings shall be protected by
(i) closures having a 20 min fire-protection rating and that are fixed shut,
(ii) wired glass screens set in fixed steel frames,
(iii) glass block, or
(iv) listed steel shutters arranged to close automatically upon the operation of a fusible link,
where such openings are located within 3 m horizontally of, 3 storeys or 10 m below, or 1.8 m above, any balcony, platform or stairway of the fire escape.
(3) The fusible link referred to in Clause (2)(b)(iii) shall be in conformance with ULC-S505, “Standard for Fusible Links for Fire Protection Service”.
(4) The wired glass screens and glass block referred to in Clause (2)(b) shall be installed in conformance with Article of the 1990 Building Code.
(5) Despite Sentence, the owner need not comply with the requirements of Clause (2)(b) until November 21, 2008.
The requirements for doorway openings (2) (a) have always applied.
The requirements for window openings (2) (b) are new and take effect November 21, 2008.
You may wish to pass this on to your clients who have any dealings with buildings having a Fire Escape as part of the means of egress.
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