fire door

hi i need to know if anyone can tell me how to adj the interrior door
hinge on a garage door which leads from garage to interior. i need to adj because of not eneogh tension how do you take the out from the door

Some times the easiest way is to remove a hinge and add one with a spring in it .
Roy Cooke

There is a screw type fitting in the top of the hinge. It needs to be tweeked.:smiley:

You need a special little tool that comes with the hinge then you turn the little piece at the top of the hinge with the holes in it. be careful because there is a little stud or pin that will fall out and you will never find it again. This little stud is what keeps tension on the spring. If the door is over 10 years old buy new hinges because the springs become sprung with time. If it were my door i would go to home depot & buy a automatic door closer that way you can adjust how fast & how strong the door closes. good luck

And the special little tool is an allen wrench.

That is correct, and you want to be careful when you engage the Allen wrench and take tension off, the little pin will become loose and when you pull it out you install it in the next hole available. This will increase the tension. Continue this process until the door closes properly.

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Thanks to all , i got it