Fire door???

Anyone know what the year was, when the door between a garage and interior (kitchen ect) had to be a one hour fire rated door?

No, why does it matter?

It matters to me…:roll:

I have 2003 IRC 309.1, and 1997 UBC 302.4x, 20 min rated self closing. Hope this helps

It’s required to be a 20 minute door. The code has been in effect as early as the fifties, but I believe it dates back even earlier than that.

thanks for the info…one hour wall and a 20 min door…hummm…ive been always calling the doors out at one hour needed…

This along with related subjects may help some along the way;

There is a common assumption that a wall with a certain fire rating will require a door with an equal rating. While the door will generally need to be rated it oftentimes requires a lower rating. These are the numbers from the 2006 International Building Code.
First, exterior walls always allow reduced ratings in doors. Both 3 hour walls and 2 hour walls require a 90 minute door. A 1 hour exterior wall requires a 45 minute door.
Where you have a fire barrier with a 1 hour rating at a shaft, exit enclosure or exit passageway you will need a 1 hour door. For other fire barriers it is reduced to a 45 minute door.
Where you have a fire barrier with required rating over 1 hour the need for reduction varies. Both a 4 hour wall and a 3 hour wall require a 3 hour door. Both a 2 hour wall and a 90 minute wall require a 90 minute door. In the 3 hour wall they will allow you to use a pair of 90 minute doors, but only in that once instance.
A 1 hour smoke barrier requires a 20 minute door.
Fire partitions that are corridor walls allow reductions. For either a 1 hour wall or a 30 minute wall you’ll need a 20 minute door. With any other fire partitions a 1 hour wall requires a 45 minute door and a 30 minute wall needs a 20 minute door.
In summary, it is actually a very confusing chart, so feel free to check back when you are putting together your door schedule. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the good info Marcel