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[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on by Michael Hughes (from charleston, sc). [/ASKNACHI]what is the requirement for fire escapes?
related to 3 story condos or apartment complexes
location: charleston, SC

Three story apartments still falls under the IRC Code requirements.

An adequate home fire safety plan means addressing four critical components:
prevention,detection, suppression, and escape.

There shall be at least two independent exits, remote from each other, from every floor of a building, except that only one exit may be provided from floors in:

Classified Occupant loading designation that will permit it.
A building not more than three stories and forty feet in height occupied by not more than four families on each story.

Emergency escape and rescue opening:

 An operable window, door or similar device that provides for a means of excape and access for rescue in the event of an emergency. 

I would suggest checking with the local Jurisdiction for their interpetation of requirements for your area.

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Not very accurate. IRC is for One and Two Family dwellings only. An Apartment building with 3+ units is no longer under the IRC. Use the IBC.

International Fire Code answers the questions.

That is where it came from.
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I was only disputing this statement, “Three story apartments still falls under the IRC Code requirements.”

Sorry bout that.