Fire inspection

I received a call inquiring about a fire safety inspection. I informed the gentleman that I do not perform fire inspections. He asked if any home inspectors do perform fire inspections. I told him I did not know of any. I suggested that he go to the NFPA website and to also check with the local fire department. Also, I told him to give me 30 minutes and I will check with you guys and see what you guys thought. So do any of you perform Fire safety inspections? If not whom do you refer?

Contact Chuck here. He is a firefighter and home inspector.

A fire inspection in my area is an electrical inspection, usually done by the local code offical.

Same here James, Code Enforcement and someone from the Fire Department to enforce Life Safety NFPA 101

Marcel :):smiley:

Ok, well I feel better about my answer now. I feel that I directed him in the right direction.

Linas- Good thinking, I should have known since Chuck was my proctor. Next time I will refer to Chuck.

Does anyone have an email for Chuck? His contact link doesn’t work on his site.

Give me a call if you need it Mike.

I do them all the time.

As a veteran of the fire service, I recommend you refer your client to the AHJ on fire inspections. All the liability goes to the AHJ and they perform these every day. I know we did the NFPA Life Safety 101 Inspections on commercial properties. Good luck!

Dennis …
If the client goes to the AHJ he gets fined or shutdown, does he not.

He only gets fined if the business does not correct the violations noted in the report or give valid and substantiated reasons/material why he is not in violation. At least where I am, every opportunity is given the business to correct the situation. If, after repeated attempts to ensure the corrections were made, the violator is taken to court where he is given no choice but to abide by the regulations, face fines, or stiffer penalties. This is for Life Safety 101 violations, not health code violations and other regulations.

But you do raise a good point.

Here is Chucks email