Fire places...Do we turn on gas ?

Shd we be turning on the gas in the fireplace ?

I havent been doing it…plz give me your experienced advice.


Nope If the pilot light is off leave it alone
You sure dont want to make a very loud noise and mess up the neighbourhood


Not I, but there are some that will do that. If you do decide to do that buy a lot if liability insurance first.

And maybe some term life. My wife says that if I’m going to do something stupid then I should have at least a 7 figure life insurance policy.

I will address the operation and ignition of gas logs if and only if the owner is present. Ask the owner to demonstrate the necessary steps. You will be surprised at the number of them who have no clue. It is best to leave the logs alone and refer their operation to the seller, the owner’s manual, or the local gas authority.