Fire separation between garage space and porch above

A screened in porch was located over a garage. The fire separation between the garage and porch in relation to the interior was good. Should the porch be fire separated from the garage? A porch is considered an exterior space, yes?

Any pictures

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No. I do not have any

Hard to make a reasonable comment without it, but a fire separation is needed between the home and the garage and the garage ceiling is only required to have a 5/8" drywall when there is sleeping quarters above it. Other than that, 1/2" drywall would be adequate.

You’re saying that the separation between the garage and porch is good on the interior, but then you ask if a separation is needed between the porch and the garage.
That is somewhat ambiguous.
Can you paint a better mental picture for us in order to understand the configuration.

Yes, it is considered an exterior space. :smile:

please read the initial post again. porch to the interior is good. the garage to the interior is good. does the porch need fire separation from the garage below it?

No, it does not, Dennis…IMHO… :smile:


thanks Larry

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You are welcome, Dennis! :smile:

I agree with Larry, a separation is not required as it is not interior living space.

You need to know how the screened porch is accessed and how it relates to the garage and home separation. Obviously, you don’t have to protect the exterior.